Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Ultimate Guide)


Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and most efficient methods of earning money online. In this Ultimate Guide, I’ll walk you through every step of starting an internet company using affiliate marketing and making your first online money.

To be honest, I don’t make six figures every month with Affiliate, but I do generate a solid recurring revenue, and what’s more important, it’s nearly entirely passive income!

What exactly do I mean when I say “passive income”?

I get a few of thousand dollars every month from passive income, which means I don’t have to do anything. So, even if I take the entire month off, I will make almost the same amount each month. Haa, that’s cool!

Affiliate Marketing

In this article, I’ll explain what I do and offer you some pointers on how to get started with affiliate marketing, as well as how to scale and achieve 5–6 figures in a year or two.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Simply said, affiliate marketing is the practice of advertising other people’s and companies’ products and services in exchange for a commission on each sale.
What’s good is that you won’t have to bother about producing and purchasing items; instead, you’ll simply advertise one that already exists. This is why it’s simple to get started. As you shall see later, you may even start with a 0$ budget.
As a result, affiliate marketing is an excellent option for anybody looking to establish a business online and earn money without having to invest a lot of money or have a lot of internet abilities.

Let’s get started!

Affiliate marketing is simply based on two principles:
  • Choosing the appropriate product to advertise.
  • The product is being promoted.

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s begin with the first step, which is to choose the right product.
1. Choose the right product to advertise: It’s critical to understand and learn how to choose the greatest product or service to promote because, simply put, if you choose the right product, you’ll make significantly more money with the same amount of effort and time.
Let’s assume you’re marketing a service that costs $200 and your commission is 60% on each transaction.
You advertised this service and were able to get about 50 purchases each month.
Calculations are simple:
Per month, 50 * (200*0.6) = 6000 dollars. Nice!
And your advertising expenditures are 3000$ (if you’re running paid ads). Then you’ll make $3000 each month.
3000$ per year x 12 months = 40000$ ✔️
Great! However, in this scenario, you will need to advertise every month, pay for advertising every month, and invest time and effort every month!! Yes?!
Let’s change the circumstance now!
We chose a product with a similar price: $200. Your commission is just 40%, not 60%, as stated.
What’s unusual here is that the product you choose pays recurring commissions, meaning you’ll receive 40% every month without having to promote it again and again.
Let’s pretend you’ve been promoting this service for a month and have gotten 50 sales.

Simple calculations:

For 50 sales per month:

50$ * (200*0.4) = 4000$ / First month

If your advertising expenses are $3,000, you will only make $1,000 in the first month.
But suddenly, without any promotion or effort, 4000$ for the following few months (it’s recurring!) Did You Recognize It?
So you’ll make $4000 in the following few months without having to pay anything!
1000$ + (4000$ * 11) = 45000$ per year with a lot less work and time!
Which scenario do you prefer?
Obviously, I believe you will choose the second option (recurring commission), which will become 90% passive with the same or even more earnings!
This is just one example of how choosing the right product (even if the commission is smaller) may be crucial in affiliate marketing.
Of course, I’m not advocating against using one-time commission goods! NO.
I’m simply illustrating how important it is to choose the right product and how it may affect your job!
Affiliate Marketing2
There are a variety of top affiliate products and networks to select from.
Okay, now that we know how important it is to choose an affiliate product, the big question is, “Where can I discover affiliate items to promote?
To make things easier for you, I’ll go through more than ten affiliate programs and goods that you may join even if you’re a complete novice. I’ll show you products and services that pay out on a regular basis as well as on a one-time basis.

Single Commission Affiliate Products.

I’ll tell you about the best five affiliate networks, in my opinion, where you may start and locate different goods to advertise.
1. ClickBank: As you’ve surely heard, ClickBank is an affiliate network where you can find hundreds of goods to advertise.
There is only one little disadvantage: it is not available in all countries.
2. CJAffiliate: CJ is also one of the leading online affiliate networks. I collaborate with CJ and advertise web hosting services such as Contabo and other companies.
3. JVZoo: This is a huge and well-known affiliate network with thousands of affiliate goods to choose from.
4. Warrior Plus: This network is ideal for novices because it is simple to join and accessible from anywhere in the world.
Affiliate Network
5. Envato Market: This is one of my favorites, and I already use it to make a few hundred dollars each month (100 percent Passive)
This business sells digital assets such as website themes and templates, audio and video templates, source codes, and more. 
This, I believe, is sufficient for affiliate networks. Let’s go to my recommended list of affiliate services and products with recurring commissions.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Products.

Working with recurring commission goods and making 10X more money each year with the same effort is the best part!
1. ClickFunnels: The Clickfunnels affiliate program offers one of the most lucrative rewards of any SAAS firm. On all purchases, they pay a 40% lifetime affiliate commission.
They also have a “sticky cookie,” which is a benefit to affiliates since it follows a consumer across all of their devices if you share your link with them. This keeps individuals you suggest linked to your affiliate account regardless of where they are.
2. SEMRUSH: With a 40% commission rate, SEMRUSH is a great service to advertise. SEMRUSH is an SEO tools firm that helps anyone rank their website and receive more free organic traffic.
3. Tube Buddy: When you recommend individuals to Tube Buddy, you may earn up to 50% recurring commission.
Tube Buddy
Tube Buddy saves time and helps content producers, companies, and networks build their channels. As a result, you may sell and advertise it to content creators in order to assist them in growing their YouTube channels.
4. Get Response: Get Response is one of the best email marketing services available, and it also has a fantastic affiliate program.
Get Response
As you can see, it has several programs to offer, one of which being a single $100 commission each transaction. The other is a monthly recurring commission of 33 percent.
What’s good about Get Response and similar services is that it’s difficult for users to quit them since all of their email lists, data, and analytics are stored in the system, making migration difficult.
This is a fantastic thing if you think about recurring commissions, since when you suggest someone, you can almost guarantee that he or she will become a long-term customer.
Anyway, nearly every product and service has an affiliate network, so you can look up any product or service you like, contact them, and inquire about their affiliate program.

Promoting The Affiliate Product.


After we learnt what affiliate marketing is and why it’s important to promote the right goods, I showed you some of the finest affiliate networks and programs to get started with. Now it’s time to get down to business!
Choosing a product or service might take as little as 10 minutes or as much as 1-2 days. But now the question is, “How can I promote?” It all comes down to marketing.
We have two options when it comes to marketing:
  • Free Advertising.
  • Paid Advertising.


Free Advertising 

Let’s begin with free promotion and explore how we can use it to market affiliate products and services.

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization.



The greatest approach to advertise affiliate services and goods and transform this internet company into nearly 100% passive income is to use SEO. why?
Before I explain why, let me give a quick overview of SEO.
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique or strategy for ranking your websites and articles at the top of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
When people want anything on the internet, they use search engines to find it, and they generally just look at the first page of results.
So your SEO aim is to get your website on the first page of Google for specific search keywords. As a result, you’ll be able to receive a lot of free organic traffic to your site.
Consider the following scenario: You published a post on your website about an affiliate product, such as “Top 10 Microphones for YouTubers,” and it was ranked on Google’s first page.
You can picture how much money you’ll make marketing “Microphones affiliate links” on Amazon and obtaining free traffic from Google; it’ll be money on autopilot!
You may now say, “OK, great!” But how can we assign a ranking to our articles? To put it another way, what the hell is SEO? and how are we going to do it!?
Of course, going into SEO in depth is beyond the scope of this post, but I will do my best to explain how to get started and work with SEO in a few lines. I’m not going to let you leave without anything!
The concept is simple; in order to rank your content, we must go through three steps:
  • Understand what people are looking for (Keyword Research)
  • Make your article keyword-optimized for these terms (On-Page SEO)
  • Off-Page SEO (Trust, Social Signals, and Link Building, to Name a Few)


Let’s start with a basic example from this blog to keep things easy. If you type “postal smtp” into Google right now, you’ll get the following results:
SEO Example
After the advertisement, this article ranks third on Google, with the top two results being the home website of the postal owner. As a consequence, this article is the first result.
As a result, everyone looking for this term will undoubtedly come across this page.
So, how did I do it?
First and foremost, I intended to publish an article (a complete tutorial) on “how to set up postal SMTP and send limitless emails.” As a result, I just wrote it!
However, when I first started writing the post, I focused on a few specific terms, as you can see in the title:
Free SMTP,” “SMTP server configuration,” “Postal,” and “Guide” are examples of keywords.
This is a basic example of on-page SEO, where the keywords are included in the post title, which will be the H1 tag on your website for this content.
Then, if you read this post, you’ll notice that I used these keywords numerous times, letting Google and other search engines know that it’s on this topic.
You might wonder where I obtain these keywords and how I know which ones are the best. SIMPLE! Using a keyword research tool is a good idea.
You can utilize complex SEO tools like SEMRUSH.
Off-page SEO is the final phase, which involves attempting to obtain backlinks and social signals for your website. 
I hope this has given you a better understanding of SEO and how to get started. Now, let’s move on to the next affiliate link promotion strategy: YouTube!

2. Use YouTube to promote Affiliate.


One of the finest ways to market something is to use YouTube! Not just affiliate services are available. You make movies about your affiliate product and provide a link to it in the description.
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel and Get More Views is the Big Question Now.
In general, there are two methods for expanding your YouTube channel.
1. YouTube suggestions: YouTube will begin to recommend your videos over other popular videos.
For example, suppose you choose a popular movie or topic and make a comparable High-Quality Video while optimizing the metadata (Title, Thumbnail, Description, and Tags)
2. Video SEO: This is the process of improving your title and metadata for a certain keyword in order to rank your videos at the top of YouTube search results. Tubebuddy is an example of a tool you may utilize.

3. Discussion boards and Q&A sites: 


Find relevant forums and aid others by sharing what you know and linking to your post or website where you are advertising the offer (DO NOT SPAM).
Don’t forget about Reddit, which is a fantastic source of free traffic.
Also, one of the quickest ways to acquire visitors is through Quora Q&A. It’s done by responding to queries and providing a link back to your website.

4. Social Media

If you have a Facebook fan page, maybe a Facebook group, LinkedIn, or Twitter account, all of them may help you gain visitors.
Of course, by “social media,” I don’t mean spamming groups and individuals; rather, attempt to create connections, provide value, and build trust, and then link back to your sites.

5. Ebooks and Courses for Free

To gain traffic, you can also make short free ebooks and distribute them on sites like here, or you can establish a free course on Udemy, which has millions of students, and link back to your site.

6. Email Marketing:

By delivering newsletters to your subscribers, you may grow your email lists, which will be one of the top sources of traffic for your website.


Paid Advertising 

When it comes to sponsored advertising, we have a variety of networks and platforms to choose from, including:
  • Advertisements on Facebook.
  • AdWords by Google
  • Native Ads.
  • Advertisements on Quora
Each of these would take a 300-page book to read! So, in order to point you in the correct path, I’ll go through each one briefly.
Use Facebook and Google Ads to promote affiliate items.
If you’re using Facebook or Google Ads to advertise affiliate items, keep the following in mind:
First and foremost, do not run advertisements that directly connect to your affiliate link. Affiliate links are usually frowned upon by Facebook and Google, and using them excessively might result in your ad account being suspended.
Instead, between the Ad and the Affiliate product page, you want to bring them to your landing page.
Second, make certain that all of your landing pages adhere to Facebook and Google’s guidelines.
Create Your Landing Page.
What you need to do now is develop a landing page. This may be a straightforward website where you pre-sell anything you’re marketing… Whether it’s a pre-launch piece of content or the sales page… and ask them to download it by clicking on the link.
You may also use this as a chance to expand your list by converting these individuals into subscribers to YOUR list and then directing them to the content or offer you’re pushing.

Run your Campaign.

A little point to remember is that before you start your campaign, make sure you choose the right audience and narrow it down as much as possible to target certain people. You may also utilize ad retargeting, which is a powerful tool when it comes to paid advertising.

Also, don’t forget to start your campaign with modest bids and a variety of ad sets to see which works best for scaling.


Promote Affiliate products with Native Ads.

Native ad networks, such as Outbrain, Taboola, Mgid, and others, are an excellent platform for affiliate marketers, with a track record of delivering excellent results.
Advertisements on search results (such as Google) and social media (such as Facebook) are not the same as advertisements on native networks. Why?
Because there is a significant difference between scrolling through a social feed, searching for something particular on Google, and perusing a favorite news site (where Native ads are shown). Users are in “discovery mode” with the latter.
They’re ready to find material that piques their curiosity.

Promote Affiliate products with Quora Ads.

Even so, as I previously stated, I recommend starting with Quora as a free source of traffic by answering questions and sharing your knowledge. You may still run sponsored advertisements on Quora, though.


I hope this article on Products Dictionary I gave you all the information that helps you with your online business journey as an affiliate marketer. Good Luck 🙂

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