What is DigitalOcean, and why should you choose it as your web hosting provider?


This article will address all of your questions about DigitalOcean, including what it is, its history, their Hacktoberfest meetups, the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing DigitalOcean hosting, the deployment of DigitalOcean one-click apps, data centers, and storage on DigitalOcean. Let’s get started!

What is DigitalOcean?

It’s a one-of-a-kind cloud hosting company that provides cloud computing services to businesses so they may grow by installing DigitalOcean apps that operate in parallel across numerous cloud servers without sacrificing speed!
It was named the third largest cloud hosting provider in the world in terms of web-facing machines in January 2018.
DigitalOcean Infrastructure, situated in the United States, is a prominent cloud service provider.
Their headquarters are in New York City, and their data centers are located all over the world in order to provide seamless cloud services to customers all over the world.


It was founded on June 24th, 2011, although its history dates back far more. The creators of DigitalOcean, Ben and Moisey Uretsky, had previously created a firm named Server Stack in 2003.
They discovered a gap after analyzing the cloud computing market.
Because most businesses were only seeking corporate clients who needed a cloud infrastructure to operate their servers on a bigger scale, most companies were only targeting corporate clients.
They were determined to fill that void and secure a prosperous future for themselves.
None of the rivals, on the other hand, were targeting individual software developers and small businesses as possible clients.
So, after doing thorough study, Ben and Moisey Uretsky established DigitalOcean, a company that provides cloud hosting and server provisioning for individual software developers and small businesses, making it simple for them to host websites using one-click solutions.
They linearly scaled themselves in a seamless manner. They had a solid team in place by the middle of 2012, and they were accepted into TechStars’ startup accelerator program.
The firm was able to sign up over 400 clients and deliver more than 10,000 instances of cloud servers before the end of the startup accelerator program.
It was one of the first few firms to provide SSD-based virtual machines for a smooth experience at the start of 2013.
It is a very profitable business. They raised $123.21 million in financing alone in 2015. According to a business insider report from 2015, it made $77 million in revenue.
Their original seed financing totaled $3.2 million in the United States. Since then, they’ve completed two rounds of funding: a Series A round and a Series B round, all of which have shown positive outcomes.
The firm received a staggering US$130 million in credit financing in April 2016 to help it create new cloud services.
The firm is now led by Mark Templeton, the former CEO of Citrix, who took over from Ben Uretsky in April 2016.

Hacktoberfest Meetups

Hacktoberfest is an open-source community event that lasts almost a month. With the help of Github, DigitalOcean powers it.
This event, as its name suggests, takes place every year in October. Hacktoberfest celebrated its fifth year of knowledge exchange and networking in 2018.
This popular event brings together the open-source community under one roof to discuss unique ideas and perspectives in order to assist one another.
Developers may achieve their business goals with less effort thanks to information sharing.
This event brings together like-minded open-source developers who work tirelessly to improve the development community across the globe.

5 Reasons Why Developers Love DigitalOcean?

In a world flooded with cloud service providers, why should you choose DigitalOcean infrastructure? Why not go with a different cloud hosting provider? This is why.

Why Choose DigitalOcean?


User Interface That Is Both Aesthetic and Easy to Use

The majority of prominent cloud service providers overcomplicate things by offering sophisticated capabilities that compromise the user experience by cluttering it with extra functions.
Its user interface is attractive, practical, and free of all the extraneous features that might be confusing to a novice user.
To ensure access to the available functionality, the amount of links, buttons, and one-click features is optimum. This isn’t to say, however, that DigitalOcean isn’t functional.
It’s the ideal cloud platform for building and managing scalable web applications. Its one-click apps are well-liked by individual software developers and small businesses since they allow for automation and interaction with third-party solutions.
Furthermore, for your convenience, it provides simple and basic APIs. Developers may use conventional HTTP tools like curl to invoke an API after it has been generated.
It also includes SDKS for all of the tools that developers may need while developing in PHP or another programming language. Various libraries and plugins are included in these tools.

Exceptional Performance

Every developer expects their cloud hosting providers to deliver high-quality performance. They don’t want to waste time dealing with the hassles of server maintenance, and DigitalOcean is the platform that meets their needs.
It was one of the first companies to provide SSD-based virtual machines, and it was one of the first to use IPv6 before other companies ever considered it.
DigitalOcean‘s droplets have a lightning-fast boot time of around 55 seconds.
Their cloud servers are equipped with strong Hex core processors, ECC RAM, and RAID SSD storage.
It also provides private networking between VMs for hosting database clusters and distributed systems in a few designated places.

Professional Documentation 

The official documentation is the greatest method to learn about any resource. This is a technique that Google has successfully used.
DigitalOcean‘s documentation is extensive, detailed, and quite useful. Tutorials, installation manuals, how-to guides, and walkthroughs are all included.
Its documentation covers every element that might challenge a software developer who is familiar with the cloud platform’s jargons and terminology, from setting up a simple LAMP stack to installing a large Kubernetes cluster.
Its distinguishing characteristic is the valuable resources it provides for developers working on any cloud platform.

Active Digital Community

One of the finest features of this cloud platform is its active digital community, which assists users by answering questions and having feedback conversations so that everyone may benefit.
Even if they haven’t fully developed, DigitalOcean infrastructure has constantly integrated new cutting-edge technology.
Their community specialists are there to assist you with their wealth of expertise so that you can experience the freedom of mobility with little to no limitations.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Its price distinguishes it from other cloud computing firms that provide similar hosting services.
Their base plan is $5 per month, and they provide hourly and monthly payment alternatives, making their platform highly accessible to small businesses and individual software developers.
Despite the cost-effective arrangements for software developers, it assured that excellent performance was delivered, which was the key to their success.


DigitalOcean now has 12 data centers in strategic locations, allowing them to service a substantial portion of the worldwide user base. The following is a list of the data centers that are currently operational:

Where are DigitalOcean servers located

  • New York City, The US: NYC1, NYC2, NYC3
  • San Francisco, The US: SFO1, SFO2
  • Toronto, Canada: TOR1
  • London, United Kingdom: LON1
  • Frankfurt, Germany: FRA1
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands: AMS2, AMS3
  • Singapore: SGP1
  • Bangalore, India: BLR1

What is DigitalOcean Storage?

DigitalOcean‘s storage management is likely to pique the interest of both techies and non-techies.
Data is saved on hardware distinct from your droplets, and numerous copies are generated and stored in a secure location.
It lowers the risks of data loss in the event of a disaster such as hardware breakdown.
Users may grow Block Storage volumes from 1GB to 16TB using their live scaling functionality. They may resize them and transfer them across droplets in a very easy way if they require additional space.
Furthermore, all encrypted data on this platform is sent to users’ droplets via separated networks.
The data may be controlled programmatically via their cloud servers. You may use their API to deploy and manage block storage volumes.
Using standard HTTP queries, users may extend droplet storage capacity and control block storage volumes.
Curl commands or the official Ruby and Go API wrappers may be used to execute tasks like as creating volumes, attaching, detaching, and obtaining volume information.

What is a droplet?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering what precisely a droplet is. What does this phrase mean? It’s commonly used and connected with everything relating to DigitalOcean‘s infrastructure, but what exactly does it mean?
Droplets are virtual machines (VMs) that operate on top of virtualized hardware and are based on Linux. For you, each droplet you generate is a new server.
They now offer three distinct types of droplet plans:
Standard Droplets provide you a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to your hosting requirements.
Individuals wanting to host websites, staging environments, and businesses with low-intensity computing demands should use these droplets.
General Purpose Performance Droplets are ideal for workloads that demand consistent computation performance and a greater memory-to-processor ratio.
CPU Optimized Performance Droplets are ideal for CPU-intensive activities and projects that demand consistent performance and rely on the CPU rather than RAM or I/O, such as batch processing huge data sets, massive builds, and video transcoding.
You may also use the ‘tags’ functionality to add a custom label to your droplet. It aids in the display of filtered droplet listings.

What is Partnerships & Research Program?

Their main goal is to create an unrivaled cloud platform for their users. To do so, Cloudways, Flywheel, and Rainmaker, among the finest tier-one cloud hosting companies, have collaborated with this cloud computing behemoth.
It holds its partners in high esteem and strives to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.
It believes in giving value to its end consumers in addition to its partnership program.
People from all around the world are encouraged to join in the organization’s research program.
It allows users to contribute their thoughts, ideas, and opinions in order to grow the company’s existing cloud infrastructure service and ensure that everyone benefits in the future.
It strives to improve its one-click services based on customer input in order to provide a memorable user experience.

Is DigitalOcean safe?

Digital Ocean is one of the most dependable resources accessible, with a 99.99 percent uptime. It’s no surprise that so many clients utilize this platform when it comes to high levels of security and data protection.

Is DigitalOcean a VPS?

DigitalOcean is one of the most well-known VPS providers. DigitalOcean provides a global network of data centers and CDN locations, as well as a one-click installation technique for the most popular apps and operating systems.

It’s also quite trustworthy, and at a starting price of $5 per month, it’s very affordable.

Is DigitalOcean a VPN?

DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure company with data centers all around the world. Their solutions are simple to set up and scale. You can have a Digital Ocean Marketplace VPN up and running in minutes using OpenVPN Access Server.

Is it good for website hosting?

DigitalOcean is extremely simple to use and comprehend, and it delivers excellent results. However, it can’t compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Editors’ Choice in our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) roundup. The DigitalOcean cloud has 12 data centers with a variety of Linux and Unix servers.

Does it host domains?

Limits. At this time, DigitalOcean does not offer domain registration services. You must first register a domain name with a registrar and then change your domain’s NS records to refer to DigitalOcean‘s name servers in order to utilize DigitalOcean DNS.

DigitalOcean vs. Linode

Is DigitalOcean or Linode right for you?

DigitalOcean distinguishes itself by focusing on three key pillars: simplicity, affordability, and high-performance virtual servers. Droplets are Linux instances that the firm makes easy to set up, making implementation simple. One of DigitalOcean‘s best features is its user-friendly UI.

FEATURES DigitalOcean Linode
Cloud GPUs X Right Icon
Latest AMD CPUs Right Icon Right Icon
AMD CPUs free upgrade You pay more Right Icon
Outbound Transfer Speed Max 2 GBps 1-12 GBps
Free Cloud Firewall Right Icon Right Icon
Free DDoS Protection X Right Icon
Bare Metal Cloud Servers X Coming soon
Managed Kubernetes Right Icon Right Icon
Managed Database Right Icon Coming soon
High Memory VM’s Right Icon Right Icon
App Marketplace Right Icon Right Icon
100% Free Human Support X Right Icon
1000+ Documentation Library Right Icon Right Icon
Developer Focused Right Icon Right Icon
Free Bundled Transfer Right Icon Right Icon
API, CLI, and user friendly Cloud Interface Right Icon Right Icon
Flat predictible pricing Right Icon Right Icon
COMPANY PROFILE DigitalOcean Linode
Year Founded 2011 2003
Public Cloud Offering Launched 2012 2003
Years Providing Public Cloud 8 18
Years Profitable 0 18
Developer Owned & Operated X Right Icon
100% Independent X Right Icon
Data Center Regions 8 11
Investor Liabilities -$455.4M None
Non-Cloud Businesses None None
# of Cloud Products ~20 ~20
Target Customers Developers
# of CEO Changes 3 0
User Friendly Cloud Interface Right Icon Right Icon
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