The Elements of Envato Elements

A membership service for designers called Envato Elements offers graphic resources, learning materials, and company management tools.

The best tool for growing and managing a freelance design or multimedia business is Envato Elements. The Envato Elements collection has been steadily expanding since its inception in August 2016 with the addition of new features and materials every week.

There are millions of reasons to consider joining Envato Elements, regardless of your profession—graphic designer, web developer, or anything in between. If you haven’t been adequately briefed yet, take a deep dive into Envato Elements’ elements right away.

Get access to millions of creative assets

Enjoy unlimited downloads across millions of creative assets with Envato Elements.

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Unlimited Downloads

Some stock picture databases only let you use materials you’ve paid for lawfully, which can be a problem if you’re disorganized and frequently re-download those assets. There are no download restrictions when you have an Envato Elements subscription; you may access your preferred assets from Envato’s sizable library whenever, wherever, and whenever often you need them.

You may download millions of them, and new ones are being uploaded every week. As of this writing, these are the things we have:


For client design projects, finding the ideal font can quickly add up in fees and send project costs through the roof. The design process can be greatly streamlined if fonts are available for free download and testing in your project.

Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Search the vast library of stock images offered by Envato Elements by tag, orientation, background, and even the primary colors of the image. Having access to options other than the same stale free stock photographs everyone else uses will be greatly appreciated by your clients.

Stock Videos

You will find all the materials you need on Envato Elements to assist you with your upcoming project if you deal with video (and these days, you really should be working with video!). There are thousands of stock videos available, but there are also motion graphics, broadcast packages, logo stings, titles, and many other things.

Audio Tracks

You will require access to good audio whether you’re making a podcast, a video, or an app. From music tracks, logos, and idents to a sizable collection of more than 170,000 sound effects, Envato Elements provides the whole spectrum. Do you need a dino growl? A shaker for cocktails? Several retro-funky beats? It is all present.

Get 7 days for free

WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordPress is a platform that Envato is familiar with. One of the best selections of premium themes and plugins available is found in our ThemeForest market. And now, a subscription to Envato Elements gives you access to many of the top premium themes and plugins.

Not a fan of WordPress? You’re in luck whether you use Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, HubSpot, or any other CMS because there are a ton of alternative CMS designs available. Additionally, there are distinct templates for emails, landing pages, and other things.

Graphic Templates

The Envato Elements library’s core content is beautifully created visuals, but there are so many distinct categories that it’s difficult to list them all. You’ll learn:

  • 18,000+ vector illustrations
  • 65,000+ graphic templates, e.g. logos, product mockups, print templates, etc.
  • 30,000+ 3D objects
  • 2,000+ add-ons, such as Photoshop actions, Lightroom Presets, brushes, and layer styles
  • plus thousands of backgrounds, textures, icons, patterns, and more!


Additionally, Envato Elements provides a number of freebies so that you can sample the caliber of the visual resources that are a part of a paying subscription.


You are aware of how simple it is to make a Pinterest board? Creating your own Collection from your personal favorites things is now possible on Envato Elements.

The fact that Envato Elements offers free access to template kits for WordPress websites is another awesome advantage.

How are template kits put to use? To import free assets for your website, just browse page designs and download the Envato Elements WordPress plugin for free. Elementor and Beaver Builder are two well-liked WordPress page builders that are totally compatible with the design packages. They make it incredibly simple to rapidly and cheaply create a site with a big impact and a polished appearance.

Get 7 days for free

Commercial License

If you intend to use any photographs for commercial purposes on platforms like your website, social media accounts, and marketing materials (as well as for those of your clients), you must make sure that the images have the relevant licenses and that you give correct credit where it is called for.

If you’re interested in the specifics, DIY Photography has put together a helpful guide that walks you through licensing. Being legally compliant with picture use might be challenging to understand. A commercial license for any visual elements you get from Envato Elements is bundled with your subscription.

New Pricing for Teams, Enterprises, and Students

Envato Elements started out with a simple proposition: A single monthly subscription price gives you access to all the digital assets you want, with unlimited downloads.

But what if you run a company or work for a large organization and need multiple subscriptions for your employees? You can now get a special “Team” plan, saving 35% on the individual rate. Or enquire about the custom pricing and tailored solutions available for large organizations on the “Enterprise” plan.

What’s Next for Envato Elements?

With thousands of graphic assets being added each week, new courses and ebooks added periodically, and new features being introduced to this extensive bundle on a regular basis, Envato Elements will continue to grow.

The Elements of Elements

The elements that make up everything you get with an Envato Elements subscription support the many facets of a freelance design firm, including access to education to develop new abilities, creative assets to utilize in jobs, and a tool to enhance business administration in the background. For independent contractors who want to elevate their game, take on exciting new projects, and earn more money while doing what they love, a subscription to Envato Elements is an affordable luxury.

Are you prepared to learn more about Envato Elements? Join a subscription service.

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