Best Baby Sleep Miracle: #1 Child Psychologist Wired Trick Gets ANY Baby to Sleep


The Baby Sleep Miracle

Learn the Scientifically Proven Method for Getting Your Baby to Sleep Like a Baby

Even if everything else has failed, it works. 17,643 well-rested parents attest to this (and counting)

Mary-Ann Schuler has over 20 years of expertise as a child psychologist and parenting specialist.

“Parenting Magazine,” “Easy Parenting,” “Parents,” and other media have covered her and her program Baby Sleep Miracle.

Every month, her social media messages reach over 750,000 parents, and she talks at many conferences each year.

What they Say about Baby Sleep Miracle

My name is Mary-Ann Schuler, and I’d like to introduce myself.


And the following five minutes may well save your sanity, if not your child’s life.

Because not only will I offer you a scientifically proven method for ensuring that your child has a good night’s sleep…

I’ll also explain why common recommendations, such as Ferberizing or co-sleeping, might harm your child’s neurological system in the long run.

Damage to his brain makes him more prone to anxiety disorders and panic attacks later in life.

How to Put Your Baby to Sleep in a Scientifically Proven Way


The information I’m giving you is based solely on groundbreaking research from Harvard Medical School and the Stanford Center For Sleep Science and Medicine, as well as my over 20 years of experience as a child psychologist.

But, above all, I am a mother, just like you. And in this letter, I’d want to tell you about how my 3-year-old love, Louisfitful ,’s sleep led me to a discovery that has already helped over 17,643 parents get the peaceful sleep they’ve been desiring.

Thousands of Mothers Have Already Tried It


Mary Olsen of Trinity, Florida, for example:


“Hello, Mary-Ann.” I just wanted to express my gratitude. I was so tired when I found your presentation that I couldn’t even recall my own name.

I guess I rocked Ava to sleep for at least 7 hours a day. In my sleep deprivation, I felt so lost and alone that I would frequently cry for no apparent reason. Without success, I tried a variety of sleep training approaches and ideas. I was worried you’d talk about the same old but boy was I wrong!

Your information is simple, straightforward, and to the point. It’s much better than that: it works! The proof is right in front of me. “From all of us, thank you.”

Jennifer Williams, from New York, is the author of the following:


“Hey there, guess who’s asleep in my arms!” says the narrator. That’s my kid Jacob, who has had difficulties sleeping from infancy.

Your presentation was a BLESSING to our family, practically saving me from a downward spiral of sadness.

Your step-by-step instructions are well-researched, caring, and really helpful.

Jacob fell asleep in 30 minutes after following your program.

We were really taken aback, and my husband even asked me what we should do now that we’d regained control of our lives. I’m not sure how I’ll ever be able to thank you enough!”

Why Baby Sleep Miracle is Different

And don’t imagine for a second that “Baby Sleep Miracle,” like the Pantley Method, is a one-size-fits-all solution.

The truth is that Elizabeth Pantley paid little attention to your child’s individuality. It’s no surprise, given that she isn’t a psychologist or a doctor.

While the Pantley technique separates newborns into only two age groups, “Baby Sleep Miracle” contains nine, since, as the American Academy of Pediatrics points out, “there are important developmental distinctions between these nine age groups that impact your child’s sleep.”

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